Pregnancy Update - Week 28

How far along? 28 weeks and 1 day (in photo) 

Maternity clothes? Same as always, jeans from H&M, normal skirts, tights and tops.That said my wardrobe is definitely becoming more limited. And my coat will not longer close!!!

Purchases? I bought the Angelcare nappy bin from Amazon. We finally made a big purchase.We got baby a crib. It's from Babies R Us but we bought our one from a neighbour, seeing as you only get a few months use out of it. It was already fully assembled, except we just had to attach the base. At the moment we have it in the nursery but baby will be spending the first few months in our room. Now all I need is bedding, changing mat and bag, the pram, and perhaps a sling or baby carrier. 

Sleep? My sleep has not been the best this week. I tend to wake really early, around 4/5 and sometimes can stay awake for 2 or 3 hours. Also Ian's working hours are disturbing me a bit and then we tend to stay in bed until different times each day. The difference could be as extreme as 7/7.30 and 11.30. I know it sounds strange but it honestly does affect my overall happiness and outlook. I think I am someone who needs some routine, especially when it comes to sleep. I still sleep on my back a lot which I am trying to avoid but it just happens. However I spend the majority of the night on my left hand side, again with a cushion under my bump and a pillow between my legs. That sounds so simple but that feeling of that pillow is probably one of the best I have been experiencing lately. It's such a comfort.

Best moment this week? We had two separate 3D 4D scans this week. One on Monday and the other on Friday. During the Monday one baby was quite shy and kept covering the little face. That said our wonderful Doctor did capture a very sweet picture of baby grasping an arm. During Friday's scan, baby rested its little chin on its fist. It was so cute and actually breathtaking to see our little baby on the screen. The doctor on Friday was pressing so much harder into my stomach that at one stage I felt baby hit where the doppler was poking and we saw it happening on the screen too. 

Ian and I also went swimming this week which felt lovely on my body to get the weight off my feet. I felt really odd walking around the pool in my new bikini but I will say it was my first time ever having a cleavage ; )

Symptoms? Experiencing a lot more discomfort while sitting for too long, sometimes too when standing. Bed isn't as cosy as before either and anything that requires bending over - don't even get me started. I have actually started to dread proper housework such as scrubbing the bath, cleaning the tiles and hoovering. I'm hoping Ian will help out soon. 
I have also experienced some acne around my chin which thankfully I hadn’t had since the first trimester, minus the one or two spots around Christmas time.
I have also broken out in a rash allover my thighs, bum cheeks, ankles and a little bit on my stomach and sides. It's very itchy and unsightly. I have a doctor's appointment about it tomorrow so I'll keep you updated. 

Food cravings? Salt and Vinegar Pringles but I haven't been able to find any in Munich.

Food aversions?  Nope

Movement? This week I have felt baby move the most ever. I think baby is awake for the entire night. By early morning I spoon into Ian so baby kicks him too, which I find quite amusing. I have also started feeling more daytime movements too. I can feel baby move the entire width of my stomach. It's amazing.

Labour signs? No

Bump? Getting larger by the day. Sometimes it's hard and sometimes not so much.

Belly button in or out? Same as last week

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody? Cried so much on Sunday night while Ian was sleeping. My gentle sobbing got so strong that I had to leave the room as to not wake him. I went to the nursery and bawled my eyes out for ages. Obviously I startled him and heard him shouting "Oh my God is the baby alright?". I must have given him such a fright. He rushed into me and held me as I sobbed into his chest. We had a lovely long talk about the things I am worried about and also put the crying about it all down to hormones.

Miss anything? I think I miss walking normally. I have definitely started walking with my feet further apart. I'm not sure why but it has happened. Maybe it's something to do with balance.

What I'm looking forward to? Getting a few more things checked off my list (babywise) and celebrating St. Patrick's Day here in Munich.

So that's it for this week. I hope it doesn't sound too doom and gloom but my aim was to document everything about my pregnancy for myself and others. Most of the symptoms are minor and don't get in the way of me enjoying growing this little person. I write letters to baby too so I have all positive aspects recorded too.

Thanks for reading.
With Love,
  gem xx


  1. Ahh you poor thing, wish I could give you a big hug (although hopefully you're feeling better at this stage).....hope Ian is supplying plenty of chocolate, that helps a small bit xx

  2. Aww thanks Marion. Thankfully this last week I haven’t been quite as emotional and I can assure you chocolate did most certainly help (in between sobs). Now the only tears that surface are the ones when I think about when I first get to meet her. Let’s just say thank goodness for sunglasses x


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