Pregnancy Update - Week 29

How far along?  29 weeks (only 11 weeks left!!!)

Maternity clothes?  This week I was mainly in my pyjamas as I was unwell. Thankfully I still fit into all of them.

Purchases? Being sick really saves the pennies. I didn’t spend anything all week and wasn't even interested in internet shopping. Our Angelcare nappy bin came but it’s been left unopened in the baby’s room. I ate the smell of dirty nappies in a house and our bins are really far from our apartment so I know I wouldn’t be able to dispose of them individually. I was in two minds about spending money on a special bin but it only cost €18.95 so we would be paying almost that for a normal bin for baby’s room anyway. The refills are what jacks up the cost of having one but I saw a video on YouTube showing how to put your own bin bags into the refill cartridge so we should be okay.

Sleep? Sleep has been mixed this week. Disturbed on night’s that Ian has been working. However I pretty much slept most of Tuesday, practically all of Wednesday and some of Thursday. I didn’t sleep well then Thursday night and was exhausted Friday but couldn’t sleep. I am really looking forward to getting curtains for the bedroom. As much as I love the bright, sunny mornings I would prefer not to be woken by them each day at 6:00am. Comfort wise I have been pretty comfortable. I even didn’t use my pillow between my legs for three or four nights. 

Best moment this week?  I think it was celebrating St. Patrick’s day with our friends last Sunday. We went to the parade in the city centre, stood around in Odeonsplatz listening to Irish music and watching dancers for a couple of hours and then going to Ned Kelly’s bar (the Irish side of the pub was full) for food and more drinks for the others. It was a really enjoyable day and I only got a little bit uncomfortable in my chair towards the end of the evening. Our friend Jax felt baby move for the first time which was really special. Only Ian, myself and my mum have felt baby move. 

Symptoms?  My rash isn’t entirely gone but it’s certainly less angry. My skin hasn’t recovered fully and still gets itchy when I get undressed or get too hot. I didn’t make my GP’s appointment this week because I was too sick to travel on the train. Ha ha! “Sorry I have to cancel my appointment with doctor as I’m sick”, sounds strange, doesn’t it? 
I have also been having very vivid dreams and not all of them pleasant. I had an awful one about my brother dying on the street after a night out. It was so real that it stayed with me all day. It was even on of those that continued even after I woke up, told Ian and went back to sleep. I had another one where Ian hit me, which was also quite unpleasant but it felt more like a dream than the other, so I have graciously forgiven him in real life ; )
I woke up fine on Tuesday, had breakfast, showered and started getting dressed. All of a sudden a horrible sore throat came upon me. I felt awful so I climbed straight into bed. When I woke briefly on Wednesday morning my tongue was so sore. I got up to have a look and it was so cracked and then just started bleeding. My mouth was so sore, throat, gums and now tongue. I sent Ian a photo, who said it may be thrush (common in pregnancy), I panicked for a few minutes but used up all my energy and conked out for the rest of the day. Tongue improved over the next couple of days but sore throat remained but is tapering off now, thank goodness. 
With my illness, came my lack of eating and drinking. I know keeping my liquid intake up is especially important but I just really couldn’t face anything. Hence I became quite dehydrated and even stopped peeing, which for a pregnant woman, I think, is unheard of. On Thursday I tried my hardest to drink and although I certainly didn’t reach my quota, I did drink more than on Tues and Wed. So of course with dehydration comes a higher chance of getting Braxton Hicks contractions, which then started regularly on Thursday evening and lasted until midday Friday. Now don’t get me wrong, they were not painful at all but definitely got very uncomfortable after a couple of hours. I was getting them every five minutes or so and on top of not feeling very well, they just didn’t make for the most pleasant of nights. 

Food cravings?  Really off my food, except for bread and bananas I guess. 
Food aversions? Practically everything.

Movement? Baby is moving so so much and is getting incredibly strong. Ian has witnessed some very intense kicks or punches or headbutts, something. He keeps trying to film my belly moving but baby stops everytime the phone comes out. It’s quite funny but very frustrating for him. The most bizarre movements besides the bum kicking is when I’m lying on my side and baby moves against the bed. It’s so weird.

Labour signs? Nope but my first experience of contractions (that don’t actually hurt) doesn’t give me much encouragement of how I’ll handle labour. I am starting to get nervous about the impending process. I honestly don’t know how I’ll cope but I just have to remember that each contraction and push is one closer to meeting our little (or big) baby!!!!

Bump? Belly definitely felt smaller this week but that’s because my appetite was non-existent so my stomach has shrunk. I was just baby bump this week. 

Belly button in or out? It really changed this week, sort of wonky but still in.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or Moody? felt quite sorry for myself this week and was still teary and irrational. Had many long talks to Ian about life and the future etc. That man has the patience of a saint (sometimes). Also feeling quite unorganised as the week draws to a close because I had a very long list to get through and got practically nothing done. 

Miss anything?  Being healthy, but I’m almost there.

What I'm looking forward to? I am going to see baby again on Monday morning but Ian won’t be at this one because he has to work. I always make my appointment on a Monday for 9.00am and he goes to work afterwards (he sort of works his own hours in the office but has to do a certain amount of hours). However this Monday, my OB/GYN only had 10.30 available so I have to go alone which I am sad about but I’ll get to see bubs at least and send him a new photo afterwards.

So that’s all for another week. Thank you for reading my little updates.
With Love,

gem xx



  1. Aw Gem, I'm so happy I can follow your pregnancy on your blog! It's lovely to read but also upsetting to hear when you're upset even though I know hormones are to blame for a good part of it. Ahem, *cough, cough.....I would like to add that I also felt baby move (twice) when you were home but I know they were small kicks, but still. It's times like this that I wish you weren't so far away but I can't wait to meet her when she finally arrives. Much love to the three of you xxx

    1. Aw Ames, I remember now that you were the first non family member to feel her move. I’m telling you pregnancy brain is a real thing! Sorry. I know I wish I got to share this with you too but I’ll let her kick you all you want the next time I’m home (as well as in September), when she is out of my womb. Expect an email really soon too xx

  2. Awh Gemma I was so delighted to see your news. Wishing you all the best in the future and many sleepless nights ;) Soak it all up, there's no feeling like it. Xx Rebecca (Ecs)

    1. : )
      Thank you so much Rebecca. We couldn’t be happier and even in some ways look forward to those sleepless nights. Thank goodness for Summer babies, at least it’s bright early. I hope you’re keeping well and enjoying life


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