Pregnancy Update - Week 34

 (Please ignore the boxes in the background, we took the photos quickly before Mum came back into the room)

How far along? 34 weeks

Maternity clothes? Most certainly. I can still wear my normal skirts as they have a stretch in them. All in all I only bought 2 maternity jeans, 2 tops and 2 dresses which I will be living in for the next 6 or so weeks. I am finding getting dressed a bit more of a struggle

Purchases? We got so many beautiful presents from our friends at our baby shower on Sunday that I felt so spoilt. We hadn’t bought baby any regular clothes such as dresses so it was great to get some dresses and other bits and pieces. I only bought one thing this week - a play mat with some dangly pieces which only cost a mere €25 in TK Maxx. It’s very strange now having toys and books, definitely makes the whole situation seem more real.

Sleep? Sleep has been good this week. Feeling like a beached whale in the bed but sure that’s all part of the experience. I am much more interested in taking a lie in because I know they will be a thing of my past. 

Best moment this week?  Well it’s between two things - the baby shower and the “royal visit” from my mother. The baby shower was so much fun and we both really appreciated it. We had never been to one so we didn't know what to expect. In Ireland, we don't really have them. We definitely don't request gifts and any we do get usually come after the birth. But we both really enjoyed the shower (Ian a little too much - we were there from 11am to 10pm!! Which is a long day for a mummy to be). 
The second best moment this week was Mum's visit. She hadn't been to Munich since we first moved here in 2014 so now that I know the city a bit better the visit was more enjoyable. We hired a car and went to Tegernsee, Ammersee and Starnberg for the weekend. Unfortunately the weather wasn't so kind to us and it snowed. 

Symptoms?  I have been feeling nauseous every morning roughly between 10 and 12. I haven't been sick and no matter what I eat I feel it. My skin is so sensitive and quite itchy. Sometimes I scratch my stomach and then lift up my top, getting a fright because I think I suddenly got stretch marks but it's just my nail marks. My skin is quite dry too especially around my nails still - however my nail growth is still fantastic. My hair is also in good condition (for me) and I am enjoying not shedding it all over the apartment. 
Oh yes - I am experiencing that strong sense of smell again.

Food cravings?  I don't have any cravings as such but I am still wanting sugar, but I always do anyway. I am eating more fruit and still haven't had chocolate (except hot chocolate).

Food aversions?  Fish

Movement? Tons and tons but nothing when the camera comes out. It's still so strange feeling movement in three different places at once. I found the car very uncomfortable, as I did the train when we went to K√∂nigsee. Maybe baby doesn't have a lot of room when I'm sitting like that or maybe the poor little thing is just awake more and moving. Also the hiccupping is daily and sometimes three or four times. Because the head is low down in my pelvis I can feel the vibration against my bones and bum. It's not sore but it is uncomfortable, a sort of rubbing against my bone. 

Labour signs?  I am still getting a lot of period cramps. Ian says, almost nightly "Please don;t go into labour tonight". I have no intention of it. I still would love my June baby but with the c-section that is probably not possible. May is still a good month - half my family were born in May.

Bump?  Bump, what bump? Oh yes that huge belly that sticks out and rubs off tables. I am growing by the hour and it's great. Sometimes it's really hard especially when I stand but I also still have a really squishy bit at the bottom. I am going to have some summer gut but at least I can use baby to cover it ; ). I have gained so much weight this past week, all over. I can even feel it on my face. 

Belly button in or out?  In but really creeping Ian out because it's very open and about to pop out. Apparently it comes out when baby is in birthing position, with the back against my stomach. our baby is still head down, spine around my right hand side and legs over at my left. 

Wedding rings on or off? On but fingers quite puffy by the end of the day.

Happy or Moody? Happy but apprehensive about the big change in our lives and doing it without family around us. 

Miss anything? I sort of miss buying clothes. The summer stuff is now in shops and I can't try things on.

What I'm looking forward to?  Building all the Ikea furniture we got this week. I feel at ease when we are one step closer to completion. We bought wardrobe for baby, wardrobe for guest room, computer desk and chair, lots of plants, coffee table and mirrored tiles. 

So that's it for week 34. Only 6 more weeks and we will be parents. Eek!!

Thanks again for stopping by.

With Love,

gem xx


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