Pregnancy Update - Week 31

I know Im really late getting this up. My weeks actually begin on a Sunday and it’s Thursday now!!

How far along?  31 weeks 

Maternity clothes?  Still the same as before. Although the black cold shoulder top Ian bought for me arrived and it’s so comfortable. He bought me a nursing top too which isn’t very flattering but it will do the job at keeping me modest when out and about. I’m sure I will have quite the squishy tummy to hide anyway. 

Purchases? We didn’t buy anything big this week as I think we have the main purchases completed. I did however buy some Anais and Aden 120x120cm swaddle blankets. I had been eyeing them up for ages because I am not sure what to cover baby in while sleeping and I thought I would try swaddling. When baby is a little older I will use a sleeping bag but for now I’ll try my hand at swaddling. I had decided to buy a two pack for €38 but whilst in TK Maxx (again), I stumbled across a 4 pack for a mere €25!!! Normally a four pack is €55! Bargain. 

Sleep? Sleep hasn’t been that good at all. I wake a lot and especially find Ian’s late nights are taking a toll on me. I still can’t nap in the afternoon even though I have plenty of opportunity to. Still sleeping with the cushion under my bump and one between my legs. 

Best moment this week?  I felt baby having the hiccups for the first time and as the head and back is very low I could feel the vibrations in the bum. It was a very strange sensation indeed. They lasted about ten minutes and I felt so frustrated for the poor thing. 

Symptoms?  Really itchy skin but sure it’s been stretched beyond belief. Leaky breasts but I seem to have those every week. They have also grown a lot more recently. When I stand too long, and only sometimes, I can feel my bum cheeks fill with blood which can actually be quite uncomfortable. Breathlessness. I also started taking very mild Beta-blockers as I have an irregular heartbeat, which the cardiologist isn’t sure is down to pregnancy or not. I almost fainted off the chair at the information evening at the hospital on Thursday night. I just took deep breaths and tried to concentrate on getting out of that feeling. After a few minutes it worked. 
Speaking of the hospital information night, we got a tour of the delivery suites and water birth rooms. The rooms were very spacious and beautifully lit. There were fairy lights on the ceilings of the two water birth rooms. Each room was well equipped with CD players, cushions, exercise balls and ropes from the ceiling. The midwives were so friendly and made everyone feel more reassured. I don’t have a birth plan at all because I know things can go wrong etc. At the moment I am open to an epidural or a water birth - I just want to meet my healthy little baby.

Food cravings?  I haven’t been craving anything as far as I remember.

Food aversions?  The smell of fish cooking is really getting to me and has put me off eating it.

Movement? Movement - wow!! Baby is so strong and moves a lot - early morning, mid afternoon and most of the night. The movements are so much more intense than before, sometimes it feels like baby is trying to get out. 

Labour signs?  Still having Braxton Hicks and slight period pains but not starting labour - thank goodness.

Bump? There is certainly no hiding it now. I love the looks I get from people though. Sometimes I think they are happy for me while other times they probably think “She has no idea what’s coming”. I feel huge at night, especially when sitting on the sofa. I feel better being up and moving because it’s more of a hard pretty bump, but when I’m in bed or on the computer I feel like a whale. Ian often walks into the room and says “F@*k I forgot you are pregnant, you’re huge”. What’s my mum going to say when she sees me? She thought I was massive back in February.

Belly button in or out?  Still in

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody? Feeling happier this week. Especially as we got to visit the hospital. Also we have visitors for the weekend (Ian’s brother and wife) so it will be nice to have company and get out around Munich, without just shopping. I also finally got the guest room looking more bedroom like so that was satisfying. 

Miss anything? I am not allowed any caffeine because of my heart. If you know me I am a huge tea drinker so I am finding that so so hard. Also having visitors means stopping in biergartens, cafes and restaurants so I find that hard not having tea, as well as no wine.

What I'm looking forward to?  Having the visitors for the rest of the weekend. We are also going to see baby again on Tuesday. The weather is  starting to improve and Spring is definitely here.

So that’s it for week 31. Going into week 32 a very happy girl.
Thanks for reading!!
With love,

gem xx


  1. Aw the bit about the looks you are getting from people made me laugh, I remember those!! ����


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