Pregnancy Update - Week 32

How far along?  32 weeks (and 2 days)

Maternity clothes?  Still the same but tops getting more limited. I find myself pulling them down a lot more. I also don’t want to stretch out too many of my normal clothes because I need something to wear post pregnancy. The beginning of week 32 saw beautiful, warm weather and I found myself reaching for my one maternity top (New Look cold shoulder) and a maxi skirt. I felt so comfortable in that outfit and put together. I decided to look for more maxis as I only have that one and another which is way too long. I have my baby shower next weekend so I decided to buy a black maxi dress from New Look, see here. I know I will get loads of wear out of it if the weather stays nice. I also bought two maternity sleep bras because I have outgrown my other lacy one from Penneys and a normal bra is just way too uncomfortable. Speaking of bras, I finally tried on the two nursing bras I bought from Penneys when I was home in Feb and they were hideous on. That said I know I will fill them out more come June, but they just felt awful on. While in H&M, I decided to try on one of their nursing sports bras, see here. Oh my goodness I stood in the dressing room and I wanted to cry, out of sheer comfort. The fabric was so soft and it felt like I was being hugged by angels. Sold! the two pack were coming home with me.

Purchases? Babywise - I just bought an organiser for the handles of the pram from Amazon. I can store two bottles - one for me, one for bubs and there is a secure pocket for keys, phone and wallet. It was only €8.95 and I think it is well worth it to save me from bending down to the basket under the pram. Ian also bought (from Amazon) a crib sheet and nappy changing bag, as far as I remember but they haven’t arrived. 

Sleep? Sleep has been mediocre this week. I think I did four nights in a row with just 4 hours per night.  Let me tell you I slept so soundly by the 5th night, I didn’t even get up to pee and I had drunk a litre of water before bed. I also took my first nap in ages this week. Sometimes when I get really tired late afternoon I think that it’s too late to take a nap, as it would interfere with my night’s sleep. However this week I decided if I can I am just going to nap. I may as well because I’m not guaranteed a good nights sleep anyway. 

Best moment this week?  Going to the park and lying out in the sun imagining doing it with baby and Ian in tow. That is my mental image for during labour and has been since I first find out we were expecting. 

Symptoms? I am still getting slight period cramps but I guess that's natural. 
The skin around my nails have become so dry and I have some really deep hand nails, makes squeezing lemons every morning very painful. 
I have noticed my feet starting to swell quicker in the warm weather than normal. 
My hair is definitely thicker, which I am going to miss post-partum but am enjoying it for now. So much less hair to clean up. 
Still feeling the heaviness and extra blood 'down there'. 

Food cravings? No, but I have been eating a lot of sugary things which I know is not good at all. I even had sugar in my urine sample at the doctors. My aim for week 33 is to cut it down enormously.

Food aversions?  Fish, fish, fish and guess who bought a whole, smoked fish to take home while we were away for the day - on my birthday!! Yes my beloved husband. 

Movement? WOW! Baby is so strong now. Ian and I cannot believe the movements. It's weird feeling movement in three different areas at the same time. I love feeling baby move so much, except when I lie on my right in bed because baby dances against the bed and I'm scared of squashing my little one. The movements have also changed a lot. I can feel small body parts as opposed to big sweeping movements. Admittedly I am going to miss that part so much. 

Labour signs? 
Bump? Bump has really filled out just under my breasts over the past few days. It feels very strange not having that space there anymore and gets slightly uncomfortable if I’m sitting for too long. I certainly look like I'm smuggling a basketball these days. 

Belly button in or out?  still in, much to Ian’s delight. 

Wedding rings on or off? on but starting to leave marks when it too warm outside.

Happy or Moody? I have been quite emotional again but it's probably due to my lack of sleep. I cried one night, the way I did a few weeks ago. I am also a little moody, sort of like PMT. I find myself getting really irritated with Ian and it must be the hormones - he couldn't be that annoying, could he?

Miss anything? Not really actually, well perhaps getting dressed or putting on my shoes in a lady like fashion. Other than that no. 

What I'm looking forward to? Next week I think I'm going to try and have all the clothes, blankets, towels etc. washed and ironed. I am starting to feel a little bit unready although I think I am pretty organised. 

This week was quite the emotional one. On Wednesday, I attended the cardiologist as my heart as extra beats ( probably pregnancy related). Unfortunately Ian had to work that morning. After I was examined and told it was stable, the very kind, friendly and attentive doctor informed me that he was going to advise a Caesarean section. I think I was just shocked because I started to cry and he was so sympathetic. Throughout the day different things ran through my head such as 
"Will I be lucid enough to see the moment when baby is born?"
"Will I get to hold my little one immediately?"
"What about skin on skin?"
"And breastfeeding?"
"Longer in hospital"
"A prolonged recovery time"
"I'm losing out on a rite of passage".

That day everything seemed just awful (hormones, lack of sleep, unforeseen circumstances). The rational side of my brain was saying things like as long and baby and mummy are healthy it really doesn't matter and at least I won't have to give birth. I spoke to my mum on the phone for ages about it and she was so understanding and supportive. She listened to be and didn't interrupt with all of the rational things. The following day we spoke again and I was feeling much more accepting of it . I apologised for blowing it out of proportion but she said that I didn't and anyway I was in shock so everything seemed worse. 
Ian was fantastic too. He brought me for Chinese food and listened to me off load my feelings. He understood me exactly and was so caring. He didn't try to just put the positive spin on it because he knew I would eventually see that too, he just listened and talked about it. I honestly know it's not a big deal now, it was just the initial shock. Thank goodness though they have decided to do it pre-birth because I couldn't imagine it being sprung on me hours into labour. At least now I am prepared. 

So that's my exciting week 32. I cannot believe baby will be here in approximately 8 weeks!!!

Thank you for visiting my little blog.
With love,

gem xx


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