Pregnancy Update - Week 33


How far along?   33 weeks

Maternity clothes?  This week I mostly lived in my maternity jeans and either my really soft maternity top from C&A or my grey oversized tops from H&M and New Look.

Purchases? I bought one more baby bath towel and a couple of small towels to put on the changing mat to prevent baby getting cold during nappy changing. 

Sleep? My sleep has been good this week. Ian hasn’t had any ridiculously late nights in work and I have decided to just sleep as much as I want. These are my last few weeks of sleep freedom so I haven’t set an alarm all week, except yesterday because I had a day of dates. 

Best moment this week?  We finally got some blinds in our bedroom so that’s helping me sleep better. I also washed and ironed all of the baby stuff so feeling a bit more organised. At first I thought maybe I don’t have enough but that put my mind at ease. 

Symptoms?  Still getting period like cramps but they’re not too bad. I get a little paranoid it’s the start of labour signs but I have my OB/Gyn visit on Tuesday so my cervix will be checked and my mind put at ease if it hasn’t started opening. We haven’t had our hospital registration meeting yet so the thought of going into early labour terrifies me more. 
My legs get really blotchy, itchy and swollen when I stand for too long. And I can definitely feel the pressure down there. 
I think my breasts have grown a bit more this week too and one of my bras was especially uncomfortable yesterday. I have started sleeping in my maternity sleep bras and they feel so good. Maternity clothing is so soft, why can’t normal clothes be the same?
This is the first week I have experienced back pain. I did a little early on too but that was more like the back pain I sometimes get before my period - a hormonal back pain. This one is definitely caused by the weight of this ever growing belly. My back has started to curve and I think it’s that pressure causing it. Also at night I certainly feel the pressure of the weight if I roll onto my back (like a walrus). 
Other than that I feel great. I am already feeling a tad sad about not being pregnant soon. That said I still have 7 weeks to go so that pregnancy bliss feeling may disappear.

Food cravings?  Anything that pops into my head I want to have immediately. But I guess my strong cravings are back to carbohydrates towards the end of the week - okay just original Pringles. It’s so strange my Pringles cravings because I usually only have them at Christmas when there is tons of treats in my mum’s house. 
Generally I have eaten quite healthily this week. I haven’t eaten chocolate (besides hot choc) in a week and I feel proud of myself. Now I just need to knock crisps on the head.

Food aversions?  Still fish

Movement? So much movement. Baby feels so big and strong. Sometimes I think the little thing is going to come out through my stomach. We have both witnessed a lot of funny belly movements. If I wake up and baby is moving I do find it hard to get back to sleep only because of the strength of movements. 

Labour signs?  Nope - just period cramps and a few Braxton Hicks.

Bump? Bump is very much like I’m smuggling a basketball. It looks so hard and round when I’m dressed and walking around. It has really filled out so much under my breasts but hasn’t yet made it uncomfortable to eat. 

Belly button in or out?  In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody? I am generally really happy. I am loving being pregnant and enjoying this very short stage of my life, trying to savour every minute of it. I am so grateful that I don’t have to work and can nest and plan for the future.
The last couple of weeks probably haven’t been the happiest of home life for either Ian or me. I have really tried to let things go this week. I felt like (I was) I was giving out to Ian over every single thing he did or didn’t do around the house, which seemed like a lot of stuff. The atmosphere wasn’t so good and I was feeling really irritated by it and generally living with someone else seemed so difficult. So I decided to in self help terms “not sweat the small stuff”. If I wanted things done a certain way I would just have to do them and not expect things from him. So this week I have seen this in action and both of us are happier. I do feel a little bit PMT like but I have explained it to him so hopefully he understands it’s just hormones. 

Miss anything? I actually don’t think so.

What I'm looking forward to?  An exciting week coming up for me. Tomorrow (Sunday) two of Ian’s American colleagues are throwing us a baby shower. I am excited and apprehensive because I don’t know what to expect. It will be a good afternoon with lots of friends and food. I am so thankful to Monica and Julie for doing something so thoughtful to celebrate our little baby’s future arrival. It is also nice to have a party where I don’t have to do anything, just show up. 

We are also going to see baby on Tuesday morning. It actually feels like ages since we’ve seen our mini dancer. It has only been just over a week and a half! I will also get to speak to my OB/Gyn about the Caesarean  section as nothing is written in stone yet. 

And then to top off my week, my mum is coming to stay on Wednesday until Monday and we are spending the weekend in Tegernsee, a stunning lake in Bavaria. Hopefully the weather will improve as at the moment they are giving rain and snow for the Sunday. I don’t really have much planned for her visit as it will mainly be chatting and walking around. Hopefully my extremely slow pace won’t bother her too much. She hasn’t seen our new apartment or neighbourhood yet so I’m looking forward to showing her those. On Friday, since we’ll have the rental car, we are going to do another trip to IKEA for two more wardrobes, hopefully a balcony table, a desk for the arrival of Ian’s iMac from Ireland, and some little bits and pieces. We are also going to take a trip to a garden centre because our balcony is still bare, except for the two chairs that Ian bought me last week. 

So week 33 is done and dusted and it looks like a busy week 34 is ahead of me.
Thank you for stopping by.
With Love,

gem xx

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