Pregnancy Update - She's here!!!!

How far along? My pregnancy is over, it ended on 23rd May 2016. Today I am six days postpartum.

Gender? It's a girl!!!!

Maternity Clothes? Since I spent 5 days in hospital I lived in the hospital gown and a nursing night dress. I had a c-section so I didn't want anything touching off the wound. Now I am still wearing maxi skirts and maternity jeans. My new challenge now is to dress my post-baby and nursing body. 

Purchases? Sleep sack - I was contemplating using one when she was a few weeks old anyway but the doctor recommended to use one from the beginning. I wasn't going to use blankets as I know they are not advised. I decided to swaddle her for the first couple of weeks. I tried it on Friday when we got home and although she looked adorable all cocooned, I felt awful for her to be all wrapped up. I may try it again but for now we'll use the sleep sack. Poor Ian rushed out to buy one before he came to collect us. However the poor new daddy didn't think about the thickness and returned with one fit for the Antarctic. We bought one yesterday from C&A but so far she hasn't really enjoyed it.

We also picked up some Medela bottles and teat as I'm going to pump too for a while because this lazy little girl falls asleep almost instantly on the breast and has lost a lot of weight. We are hoping the bottle will keep her awake and I definitely don't want to have to give her formula and my milk supply is good, so why not pump? 

Ian also picked out a cute newborn babygrow because we didn't buy any because babies grow so quickly. However we got gifts of three newborn items and they fit her well, so we decided one more will do us as she will have outgrown them by next week. 

Sleep? I would sort of like to skip this question as I have definitely being skipping sleep. I think between Sunday night and Friday day I had only had 14 hours sleep. And since being home I can add another 5 to that.So 19 hours in the whole week. Believe it or not I still can't nap. I took one in the hospital but that was all. Last night she woke every half an hour and fed for approx 10 min, fell asleep, I redressed her and tried to put her to bed, so I was getting 15 min blocks of sleep, if even from 01.30 until 08.00. But for some reason I still feel elated and energised.

Best moment? There are just so many to choose from but I have to say the moment she entered the world. I will shortly post my birth story here where I will tell all. But for now that strange and surreal moment when you hear your baby cry for the first time, hearing her daddy sob and having the midwife bring her to meet you, it's almost indescribable. I am welling up just thinking about it. 

Symptoms? The remaining symptoms I guess are extremely swollen feet, so much so none of my shoes fit me and they actually hurt. At night its worse. It could be from pregnancy. the section or my heart. 

Bleeding - obviously I have post partum bleeding and thankfully it's pretty light. Actually lighter than my period which is not what I expected. Since I had a section it should only last approx. 3 weeks but it's inoffensive. 

Sweat - I am still waiting for the sweating but so far okay. I was hotter than normal the first couple of nights but now I'm fine.

Breasts = obviously they have grown a lot in size which is weird for me. I normally have a small chest. Sometimes I look like I belong in a lad's magazine. I need to get a more supportive nursing bra. At the moment I am just wearing the night time nursing bras from h&m, a super soft God send. 

Soreness and backache - I am very swollen in my private parts as they made the incision at the very top of my pubic bone so now I have a lot of swelling and bruising. 
My back aches in a way I never felt before. It could be from lifting her, surgery, always looking down at her or spending 5 days in a hospital bed.

Bump? obviously as you can see it's still there but is reducing every day. Because of the section I can't do any stomach exercises for at least 8 to 10 weeks. I can walk although I need to take it easy. It's really strange because you have a wound that rests on a very squidgy belly and it feels very unsupported. I walk really slowly when out and about to ease the pressure on it. The uterus takes 6 weeks to return to it's original home so I don't expect a flat tummy before the end of Summer. It's goes from 1kg to 50g. That is crazy. Also I knew I would have a soft tummy but this one feels so strange to me. It's actually like jelly, no joke. The doctor explained how right now my stomach muscles are on either side of my torso so I must wait until they return to the front of my body before I try to tighten them again.  

Food? So I am back being able to eat what I like. I actually ate smoked salmon for my lunch today and it was surprisingly tasty. I can have a unit of alcohol too if I have it straight after a feed and not feed her agin for 2 to 3 hours. I also have expressed milk in the fridge in case I am too paranoid to nurse her myself. We wet her head together on Friday night with a glass of bubbly and anyway it's apparently good for milk production. 

Belly Button in or out?  I was surprised that my belly button actually returned to almost normal within a couple of days.

Wedding Rings on or off? Off because of the swelling of my feet, I'm scared the same will happen to my fingers. I have my thumb ring back on and that's fits as normal.

What I miss? I miss dressing my pregnancy body and my normal body. It's much harder to dress a squishy belly and to factor in the ease to nurse. Also, even though I have her in my arms whenever I want, I do miss feeling her inside sometimes. 

What I'm looking forward to? The list is endless. In summary, just being a family of three,  enjoying life together and helping and guiding her to be a decent and well rounded individual who knows that Mummy and Daddy love her more than anything else in this world and who are so grateful to have finally met her. I love you,Zoe. Thank you for letting me go on this journey of growing you and almost giving birth to you. I hope I don't disappoint. 

And to all of you who joined me on probably the most amazing few months of my life - thank you. 

With Love,

gem xx

(keep an eye out for baby number 2)



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