To Pack or to Over-Pack - That is the Question

Seeing as I will be needing my hospital bag sometime over the coming week, I thought I would finally pack it. Since I am giving birth in a German hospital I don't need to bring a lot of things that I would have if I had baby at home. When I asked what to bring they just said "Some clothes for you and cosmetics and if you want something different to bring baby home in, bring that but otherwise you don't need anything". When we were on the labour ward on Friday I saw they even had unused toothbrushes and toothpaste in all of the toilets that I used -  well we were there five hours!!!
So this is what I'm bringing (I may be in four or five days)

Ian's birth Cert
My Birth Cert
Our Passports
Our Marriage Cert
Any Doctor's reports from during the pregnancy
My Mutterpass (German book to record all pregnancies a woman has)
Irish Passport paperwork (I want to get home to visit in July)

Camera lenses and chargers plus phone chargers

Some PG Tips because I don't like tea that you buy here. Everyone says your first cup of tea and toast afterwards is the best ever but maybe that's just with a vaginal birth. I'll let you know. I also am bringing with me some breastfeeding tea.

Probably not that I'll be able to take my eyes off our little one but I am taking baby's record book to start filling out, a book for me to read and the  diary I have been actively keeping documenting baby's life so far that I will continue to update and baby can have when an adult.

Slippers for ward walking and flip flops for the bathroom.

Two H&M nursing bras buy here and two sleeping bras from TK Maxx. 

Going home outfit for baby - Next sleepsuit, Tesco scratch mittens, socks, Penney's cardigan, Next hat and Penney's blanket

A belly band which I read I should wear after a c-section, which i bought from Amazon here

Socks - one really fluffy, cosy pair (I have read that your feet get quite cold) and three normal pairs

Five pairs of underwear which I don't mind getting ruined

Toiletries - shampoo, dry shampoo, since got conditioner, hairbrush, razor, mouthwash, hair clips and go-go's, toothpaste, floss, toothbrush for Ian and me

More Toiletries - hand cream, facecloth, hairband, tissues, emery boards (for baby's nails), lip cream, shower gel, breast cream, face moisturiser, Clinique cleansing balm (in Soap and Glory pot), deodorant, face wipes (in case I'm too sore or lazy to go wash my face properly), body moisturiser, chewing gum

My phone - well actually both my German and Irish phones. I cannot work out my plan here in Germany so I can't send normal texts and not everyone I know uses Whatsapp or Viber. 

 Penney's Dark coloured dressing gown

Penney's Nursing Nightdress

Clothes (Ian can always bring me more if needed) 2 pairs of dark coloured PJ bottoms, Black shorts, 1 t-shirt, 3 string vest tops and 1 New Look nursing t-shirt, here it is in blue

And new Daddy will bring car seat when coming to collect us to take us home!!!

I will also pack some snacks for us, maybe a going home outfit for me but I might just wear the one I arrive in and obviously bring some money too. And I think that's it. All I need to do now is put all of that in my bag and I'm ready to go, if I need to go early.

Let me know what you brought and didn't use. My plan is to write this 'what I packed' and then one for  'what I actually used'

Thank you all for stopping by.

With Love,

gem xx

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