Pregnancy Update - Week 35 (a week late)

35 weeks and 2 days

 35 weeks and 5 days

 36 weeks

How far along?  35 weeks (I cannot believe how quickly these weeks have gone). No official photos this week but a few self snapped ones. 

Maternity clothes? This week I am really disliking getting dressed. After my shower I put on the top part of what I am going to wear but just hand around in my underwear until I have to leave the house. When I return I whip of my trousers or skirt and tights and either put on my jammy bottoms, short or just stay in my underwear again. I have gained so much weight that my maternity jeans even feel uncomfortable. I have worn my H&M kick flare ones way more than my skinnies however my skinnies ripped across the knee and the band is starting to come away. Luckily I only have 5-7 more weeks of wearing them (or longer if this baby weight lingers on my legs). To be honest I am planning on living in shorts and PJs while at home, especially as I will have stitches in my belly. I have probably worn the same outfit really all week, seeing as I only wear it for a few hours a day and I don't do anything that causes me to sweat, I think it's acceptable. I am wearing a loose top from Penneys and either a pair of H&M maternity jeans or my green C&A normal skirt. 

Purchases? The nappy changing bag has arrived. It's not the colour I ordered but it will do for now. Maybe I'll replace it in a few months when I know my baby changing needs etc. I also picked up some really cute "The very hungry caterpillar" covers for seat belt straps. Ian has been planning on buying a car and I thought these were adorable for the straps on the car seat. They are from TK Maxx and cost €4.99. Other than that I didn't buy anything. I almost bought a battery operated swing but didn't. It was secondhand and was only €50 but I think I'll wait to see what we think we might need when baby comes. At the moment I only have the crib and the floor mat to put the little one in when I'm not holding. I just don't want to buy too many things that we don't need. If you had a baby could you let me know what you did or what you needed or didn't need. I almost also bought a seat for the bath but that would mean filling up the adult bath each time and it would be painful for me to lean over the side to wash baby. Again we will see our needs when the time comes. Oh my goodness, I cannot with to have family baths. 

Sleep? Sleep has been pretty awful this week. At night it is okay but I keep lying on my back and it hurts (both my back and stomach). Generally my night sleep has been okayish. I am exhausted going to bed but I don't always sleep straight away. I also wake up four or five times to pee but never really open my eyes to go. Yes it has led me to walking into the wall a few times. The real trouble I have though is napping. Yes it's official I am back to that exhaustion that I felt in the first trimester. I want to nap and usually can't. I feel so drained and know a sleep would make things seem better but alas I just cannot sleep during the day. That said, on Monday after we dropped Mum to the airport and returned the car to the rental place I was gagging for a sleep. I thought I was going to cry on the way home, which took around 40 mins. I plonked myself on the sofa and wait for it .....slept!!! I slept for four hours!!!!! Ian had to cancel my cardiologist appointment because there was no way I was going back into town. When I woke I was still tired and took myself off to bed at 6.30pm. If I was like that after a visitor staying a few days, what will I be like with a newborn!?

Best moment this week? Ian and I celebrated 10 years together on April 28th.

Symptoms?  I spoke too soon last week, my nails have started breaking again. I have also gained even more weight all over my body and my cellulite is getting bad. The weight gain is probably due to me not walking enough, or fast enough. I tried to walk my normal pace the other day and a nerve in my bum cheek started throbbing. I even had to stop and massage it for a moment. Good look, I'm sure.
I am feeling a lot of pressure down there, both front and back. 
I have also been constipated probably for the past 10 days. i get this really strong urge to go and then when I do - nothing. However I am so gassy and it smells horrendous (TMI but at least I'm honest). Ian still loves when I fart , especially the ones that just sneak up on me and I can't control but he's not liking the smell. 
My skin is still very sensitive and a bit dry. I hint, well I ask, almost demand, that Ian rubs some oil or moisturiser into my legs as a treat but I'm finding the bending over position very uncomfortable and if I put my leg up on the side of the bath or chair, I have a tendency to lose my balance so it's not worth it. He is yet to do it for me though. If anyone wants to suggest it to him on Facebook I would very much appreciate that (not to do it at bedtime though, I don't like sticky legs in be, says Princess Gem)
This week is the first week that I feel a strange sort of back pain when I walk. It's at the very top of my bum cheeks. This also has slowed my walking down even more, actually my waddle not my walk. 
My sense of smell is so strong. I find the smell of beer off Ian every night really turns my stomach and garlic. Also just the general smell of people on buses etc. Yesterday there was an awful smell in the kitchen which I realised was coming from the galia melon which was uncut. I had to slice it up last night for Ian and I to munch on just to get rid of it. 
I am absolutely exhausted almost all of the time. I wake up in the mornings not feeling at all refreshed. I have a strong slump mid-morning and mid-afternoon and basically everything I do wears me out. It's exactly how I felt in the first trimester, except I could nap then. 

Food cravings?  Still crisps (mainly Pringles) but also still sweet treats. I know I shouldn’t but ….

Food aversions?  Fish

Movement? Wow, baby’s movements are so strong I can’t quite believe it. It certainly does feel like I have another human living inside of me. Ian seems more interested in feeling baby now that he can feel actual limbs and baby is so responsive. 

Labour signs? Nope

Bump? Big of course and getting a little heavy now at this stage. I have been so terrible for exercising and now my thighs actually touch each other. I am really feeling like a whale now but still enjoying growing my little one. 

Belly button in or out?  In-ish, not quite out

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody? Kind of moody. Not in the snapping sort of way but more in the irritable and emotional way. 

Miss anything? I am missing home in a way. I certainly feel like I am in the best place I can be but I miss seeing friends and family, My brother has moved home from Australia and I would love to see him. I miss seeing my nephews in Ireland growing up. I suppose it’s like at the beginning of my pregnancy, I am again feeling homesick. It’s not as strong. In the first trimester it was the complete package but now it’s really just family and friends, okay and a 99 icecream cone and chips by the beach.

What I'm looking forward to? Finally having our registration at the hospital where I will have baby. I am terrified every night that I might go into labour and not be registered and not know what to bring etc. At least having all the paperwork done will be a relief. We have visited before but nothing official has been done.  We have our appointment on Tuesday morning and I am seeing doctor and baby on Monday but Ian won’t be able to join us. Pity.

So that’s it for another week. I’ll post my week 36 perhaps tomorrow or Monday.

Thank you all for stopping by.

With Love,

gem xx



  1. Gemma, I feel a little less further away when I read these. I'm so happy for you both, L xx


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