Pregnancy Update - Week 36


How far along? 36 weeks (and 1 day)

Maternity clothes? This has been a week where I have not wanted to wear much clothing. Obviously when I'm out I do but at home I am generally in shorts and sleeping bras or just long tops. It has been a lot warmer here in Munich so light, breathable clothes are my friends. I wore my black h&m maxi dress which I got for the baby shower back in April and I felt like a sack but it was light and comfortable. I do prefer some support when I am out of the house so my maternity jeans are what I live in then. 

Purchases? Baby-wise I don't think we got anything. Actually we did. I bought a soft rabbit that plays music for baby to settle. I keep pulling the string and just listening to it, it's so relaxing and sometimes I put it on my bump for baby to hear. As for us, we bought a car. Ian said he didn't want his wife and child coming home from hospital on a bus - very romantic. All we need now is a car seat. 

Sleep? Sleep has been just so-so. I am still feeling tired throughout the day but not able to nap. Then of course having Ian working nights I generally don’t sleep until he gets home. I am exhausted by 9pm and usually get into bed because I find it more comfortable than the sofa. However I just cannot sleep that early. On Thursday we had a bank holiday so we decided not to set an alarm and it was so so good just sleeping for as long as I wanted. I wake a lot to pee as my uterus has now gone back down to where it began (according to What to Expect) so there is more pressure on my bladder. Every time I get up to pee I think “In a few weeks I’ll be getting up this often but I will be feeding and changing baby and therefore will have to open my eyes”. So strange to think because I do love my sleep. 

Symptoms? By the end of the week my day time tiredness had disappeared. I’m not saying I’m energetic but I don’t experience that exhausted for no reason feeling. 
My back is a little bit achy sometimes. I am definitely feeling the weight but it tends to be more on my front where I feel it. It does feel strange though when I do lie on my back so during my baby heart beats monitoring session I lie on my side. 
I have had a little bit of ligament pain too around my tummy which is due to it growing day by day.
I have notice a considerable weight gain in other parts of my body. My face feels so much puffier and my back, arms and legs are definitely flabbier. My bigger bras are getting tight too so it looks like my ribs are still expanding. 

Maybe something I haven’t mentioned months back when it first started but my face is so much hairier than before. I find bits of fluff sticking it in. I did a little reading about it and hopefully it will go post pregnancy. However I was shocked to learn, from YouTube, that so many women shave their faces. I didn’t realise that was a ‘thing’. 
Also for several weeks now (6/7) I have been so thirsty but mainly at night. My glucose tests have come back clear. 
My legs are quite puffy too and extremely blotchy. Ian said they no longer resemble Luncheon Roll (an Irish or maybe Waterford meat that I always compare my legs to) but now they look like corned beef. So as you can imagine I am not wearing bare legs outdoors. 

Bump? Bump is beautiful, well I think so anyway. I love it. I think what I do find strange is that bump goes around my sides. I thought of never pictured that happening before, It will be weird having a waist back (if I ever do). I can still feel a lot of fat in the bump but I do like my food - good and bad. Hopefully I won’t be too fat when baby has left the building. The bump is still quite high and I do find it a tiny struggle getting up off the bed. Yes Ian still does his whale sounds when I try to get up!

Best moment this week? I went for my scan this week on my own, as Ian had to work. Everything was good and baby is still averaging everything except for having a bigger than normal head. Thank goodness for the c-section now. Little thing now weighs 2.7kg or 5.9lbs and is 50cm long. Finally it happened. My bump moved like a normal movement I get and I got to see on the screen what exactly our child was doing. It was sort of a thrust forward with just the tummy area, so cute and now I know what is going on in there when I feel that movement. 
Buying our car was another great moment and taking a spin over to Westpark and not having to wait for trains and buses. 

We also had our hospital registration appointment on Tuesday morning. Every single person we met from the info desk to registration to midwives and the doctor was just so friendly and kind. The doctor who 'interviewed' me was especially sweet but I guess he won't be delivering our baby. Pity. If my delivery and stay are anything as positive as that visit was I will be a happy new mummy. Hopefully when I compose my Labour & Delivery story I will have a whole host of great things to say about the hospital. It put my mind at ease being registered. I still don't know exactly what I need to bring but he said nothing for baby unless I want a specific going home outfit and just comfortable clothes and cosmetics for me. I might do a quick 'What's in my hospital bag' post before I go and then do a 'What I actually needed in my hospital bag' post afterwards. It's probably like on holidays when you overpack. I have to meet again with the team mid-May to run through the actual procedure and recovery etc. However, if I go into labour before the end of week 37 I will need to go to another clinic as my one does have a premature baby ward (oops, I don;t know what that's called). 

So we got our date for the section and the countdown is on!! My family have put a one euro bet on the date, so it will be interesting to see who is right. Fancy a guess?

Food cravings? I don't think I have any this week. I am eating a lot of fruit which I am finding refreshing and helps my craving for sugar. 

Food aversions? Still fish. Although that said my mum was talking about an open crab sandwich earlier and I was thinking I wouldn't mind one of those after baby makes the appearance. I wonder though if it was placed in front of me would I like it.

Labour signs? My cervix has started to shorten and during the monitoring of baby's heart they detected two long and strong contractions, which I didn't notice. I am also getting lots of braxton hicks again and some lightning crotch. Other than that I think things are fine. This week was the last time I had to have my cervix checked by my ob/gyn because it does't really matter if it starts shortening around now. I need to stop taking my magnesium next Saturday (End of week 37). 

Belly button in or out?  Almost out but I'm not sure it's going to come out anymore. It's very sensitive against my zippy up top because of the zip. 

Wedding rings on or off? On

What I miss? The ease of bending down to pick things up. I am so ridiculously clumsy that I am constantly dropping things and I just want to cry sometimes with the effort of bending down, only because I drop things every few minutes. 

What I'm looking forward to? Next week I only have a cardiologist visit which isn't very exciting. Ian and I are also taking a spin to Austria to go to Primark to get some pjs for me and lots of string vest tops that I don't mind stretching for breast feeding. Oh yes and big comfy cotton underwear and bits and pieces I don't mind getting destroyed, TMI. Think that will be the highlight of my week and then I can pack my hospital bag properly, rather than just having everything laid out on the spare bed. 

Any suggestions for things to bring would be great. I think I have done pretty well.

So another week down, how many will be left?????

Thank you again everyone for stopping by.

With Love,

gem xx


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  1. You look fantastic!! Pregnancy definitely suits you! Love the hair 😃😍


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