Pregnancy Update - Week 37

How far along? 37 weeks and 1 day (exhausted in the photos so going to try to nap)

Maternity Clothes? Clothes? Do I really have to wear them? I'm still living in my skinny h&m maternity jeans, tops and sandals. We had one really wintery day during the week and I put on tights and a skirt which was actually really comfortable. At home I am still wearing the same as last week. It's a bit colder so it's mainly a top and cardigan with no trousers. It's important to be comfortable. 

Purchases? I picked up more baby wipes because I'm sure Ian will be using them by the fistful because pokey nappy changing is the part of fatherhood he is dreading the most. 
We also took a trip to Primark in Innsbruck, Austria to get me some underwear, pjs etc and Ian was dying to buy baby something to wear. My plan is to stick to baby grows for the first couple of months, obviously if it's too hot I will put on something else. I know baby will grow out of clothes so quickly I didn't want to spend much money on a whole wardrobe of pants, shorts, jumps, t-shirts etc, baby grows are easy. But Ian really wanted to buy an outfit. Just seeing him going away to choose something and returning with a cute mushy face was enough to make up my mind and we got a couple of Summer pieces. Oh yeah, he also spotted some bath time finger puppets which were quickly thrown into our basket. 
I think the last of my stuff for the hospital bag. They were so vague in the hospital I am scared of not bringing something that they don't supply but apparently they have everything. Anyway there is a shopping centre near-by and a supermarket. 

Sleep? I think sleep was generally pretty good this week. Thankfully the exhaustion hasn't reared its ugly head again so my longing to have a nap isn't there. We took a lie in until  9.30 or 10.00am on Tuesday and let me tell you I could hardly sleep that night. It was around 3.30 or 4.00am when I finally drifted off, only to wake to Ian's alarm at 07.30am and that was me done. I got up but I felt awful. So instead of trying to fight it, it dawned on me my life and freedom is about to change dramatically so if I was to have a super lazy bed day-just do it. I may as well take advantage when I can. So that's what I did. I scrolled through some hard drives and found a few programmes and films to watch. I also finally started the "First Week Post-Partum" chapter of  'What to Expect when Expecting'. I had one or two 10 minute naps in the morning and an extended evening one but I did manage to sleep that night. 

Symptoms? At the beginning of the week I was feeling a tad emotional. On Monday I had a little bit of the blues but thankfully it lifted. Just having a bad day I guess. But then on Tuesday I was feeling a bit teary but I did't cry. I felt like I could have though. Overtime I thought of holding baby or seeing the little mite for the first time I welled up. The rest of the week I felt 100% normal. 
I have been getting really severe rib pain, especially at night if I lie on the sofa. Switching my regular bra for my sleep bra helps a bit but it's very uncomfortable. 
I have been feeling a lot of pressure down there in both places. My bum is especially sore and my goodness when I was carrying the shopping bags did I suffer. 
My legs are still really blotchy and tingly. From the moment I get out of bed in the morning I can feel them starting and it lasts all day. It doesn't bother me but I wouldn't wear bare legs. 
I'm certainly feeling the heat more. I sleep with the windows open every night and sometimes Ian says it's freezing and wonders how I think it's so warm. 
My breasts have been tender, not sore again. This has not happened since my first trimester. I guess they are preparing to produce milk, fingers crossed. 
Starting to get hormonal acne on my chin again.
Back ache is not too bad but is increasing day by day. I just could not imagine carrying twins or more because one baby is heavy enough. 
Extreme pregnancy brain and clumsiness.

Bump? Bump changes from being high one moment to being a bit lower. It really depends where baby is and what's going on in there. I haven't 'dropped' yet that's for sure. My linea negra can now been seen a good bit above my belly button. Thankfully bump still doesn't have stretch marks. I was really sure I would by now because I have stretch marks just from growing from a child into an adult. I definitely thought I would get them around my scars on my stomach from my operation in 2014. I really need that support under bump when I'm in bed because it feels really heavy. Bump is really filling out on my sides too which is such a bizarre feeling and for some reason one of the things that has surprised me most.

Movement? Tons and tons and tons. During one meal time baby moved so strongly and in about four different places at once that I actually jumped off my chair a little. Ian got such a fright, he did't know what I was up to. "Sorry", I said "Baby must have flipped or something because I never feel a movement so strongly before". I love feeling the little limbs poking out and trying to guess what they are. Baby gets the hiccups every day and because the head is done in my pelvis I find them really uncomfortable. Ian bought us a doppler in January to hear baby's heart beat and apparently sometimes it can pick up hiccups too. The little one had really strong ones on Thursday evening so I tried the machine. Unfortunately it didn't work but sure we'll try again, we still have time. 

Best moment this week? I think it was visiting the Krippe where I work. I don't think I will make the 45 minute journey again for a while so I won't be seeing my children for ages. I do really miss them. I stayed for almost three hours and enjoyed almost every minute of it. They were all talking about the baby like they always do - what's baby's name, why can't we see?, is baby awake - why not?, how big is baby. They all wanted to rub bump and this time they even kissed it. One child was looking up at me and then said "Gemma, I think you need to not eat so much food". Hilarious!

Food cravings? Not really but I'm just enjoying all food - good and bad. 

Food aversions? Still fish

Labour signs? Lots and lots of Braxton Hicks. Today I have stopped taking my magnesium (which prevents cramps etc) so maybe they will increase even more, preparing my body for labour. 

Belly button in or out? I'm just going to say out because it pretty much is. When I visited my work children on Friday they were looking at my bump and most of them said "An aua", which is a German children's expression for a cut or bruise, like an owie. I told them it was't an aua, that it was my belly button. One little girl lifted up her t-shirt and said, pointing to hers "But why isn't it like this?". It was so adorable. 

Wedding rings on or off? On

What I miss? There was something I thought of this week and for the life of me I just cannot remember what it was. I might update this if it comes back to me. 

What I'm looking forward to? We are going to see baby on Tuesday which I cannot wait for. The last time Ian did't get to come. Our OB/GYN switched the normal scan to the 3D/4D one for a minute and I got to see our child's big, fat chubby cheeks. Unfortunately I did't get a photo so Ian missed out. It is much harder to get clear photos as baby gets bigger so I say the one we got at week 31/32 was the last. That's until we get to take actual photos of the little one in a few weeks. 

So that's it for week 37. Not many more to go.

Thanks guys for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

With Love,

 gem xx

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