Pregnancy Update - Week 38

How far along?  38 weeks!!!!

Maternity clothes?  Just the usual suspects. I haven’t and won’t be adding anything new to my wardrobe. I am preparing most so for post-pregnancy clothes and nursing items. I have bought a couple of skirts which have a stretch in them, for the warmer days. To be honest, I am apprehensive about how to dress after. Firstly because of the extra weight and secondly for ease of breastfeeding. I guess I’ll learn as I go.

Purchases? Nothing new bought for baby but friends of ours did lend us their car seat today until baby grows out of it and also with that they gave us a baby swing. I really wanted to get one and was looking for a pre-loved one anyone but I also didn’t want to spend the money in case baby doesn’t get use out of it. Honestly though I could see us rushing out to get one within a week of being home, just to have somewhere to put the little mite. I just assembled it now, so all I need are some batteries and we are sorted. 

Sleep? Sleep has been good. I am able to sleep quite well except for getting up to pee many, many times but the bathroom is close so I hardly even wake up to do it, We have had a few shorter nights due to appointments and Ian working late nights but I feel quite good. Today for some reason though I feel exhausted (you can really tell from the photos). My eyes are itchy and I would love to nap but don’t think I could. It’s strange because I reckon I got almost 8 hours sleep last night. 

Best moment this week?  We saw baby on Tuesday morning with our OB/GYN. Ian saw the little hand go up and cover baby’s face but unfortunately I missed that. Also during the heart monitoring baby was very relaxed, probably asleep as I’m sure Ian wanted to be, so the nurses came in clapping, shouting and playing music to try to wake my sleeping rabbit up. They were shaking the bump quite vigorously and still nothing. Eventually towards the end of the monitoring the little one woke up anyway and heartbeat was perfect. I baked millionaire’s shortbread for doctor and the three nurses and they were delighted. I also baked over 100 shortbread biscuits for the 11 other apartments in our building to try to butter them up for the sleepless nights they will soon be getting. One of the neighbours called to us yesterday with roses and chocolates which was so sweet of her. 

We also had another hospital visit yesterday to go through everything about the section and check my heart etc. We were there for almost 5 hours and that was not with too much waiting around. They are just so thorough with everything and I got to meet with so many people about the different stages of delivery and post birth. We also had an unexpected scan with the head OB/GYN so we saw baby again. He could see hair and reassured us the head is only 3mm bigger than the German average. He kept saying “You have a lovely kid there, you’re very lucky”. It was really cute of him. He spent so much time with us and we didn’t feel rushed at any stage throughout our visit. 

Symptoms? Although it seems like my symptoms are things I complain about, they generally aren't. They are just things that I am noticing as the months progress. I want to document every part of this pregnancy as it may be my only. I also want to have this to look back on and maybe one day our child will want to read about the time spent in my belly. 

This week I have experienced a little more rib pain and they are definitely still expanding. My bras are so tight on me now, even my maternity sleep bras keep riding up. I have also been quite short of breath. Ian thinks it's because I am talking to fast, trying to tell him something but I am trying to explain it's just because there is no room left inside. 

My breasts have grown a lot this week too, hopefully to prepare to have a new purpose. They not sore yet thank goodness but have felt a little bit of tenderness. 

Well this is a symptom I suppose, well it is of eating and not taking enough exercise - but for the first time in my life my upper thighs are touching off each other. I am planning to have that gone in the next few weeks though. I feel so big and squishy now but baby (and those biscuits) are worth it. 
Today when I woke up, Ian and I were having a belly cuddle, which comprises of me lying on my back and us playing with baby moving. After a few mins I felt so nauseous I had to get up and vomit a little. It was just because my stomach is so squashed now so I have a little bit of acid reflux. 

Also today, probably because of the heat, my feet and hands are really swollen. My sandals felt snug on me on our way back from our friend's house and when I took them off I have really deep marks on them. I have also lost my ankles today. Hopefully I'll see them again when it cools down.
I'm feeling a good deal of pressure down below, front and back. It's a bit painful going to the bathroom just with the pressure. Baby's head is deep in my pelvis now so that explains that.

Bump? Bump is really big this week but our OB/GYN said it’s because baby is in position ready for birth, although it doesn’t matter because of the c-section. I had said to Ian that I noticed my bump more filled out at the top this week and it was really strange but doctor told us yesterday that’s because baby spine and bum are positioned along my tummy and are pushing out more. It’s funny now because I rub and pat baby’s bum and then I feel little legs moving on either side of my bump. Oh I’m going to miss that. 

Movement? I know people say movement slows down as baby grows but our little one is as active, if not more active than ever. I especially feel stretches and kicks around my right ribs. I feel the head move a lot too which is a strange sensation because it is so far down my pelvis. Baby tends to move mostly when I'm just sitting - on bus, train, car, sofa, chair. I guess because there is so little room left when I sit, the poor thing is squashed. I get a lot of pain when baby is pressing on my bladder but if I gently rock I get some relief and the bladder becomes baby free again. 

Food cravings? I have a real longing for cereals such as coco pops and corn flakes. Think it's the crunchy texture with the ice cold milk sensation that is appealing to me. Soon I won't have time to finish my bowl so I'll have to get used to soggy cereal. 

Food aversions? Just fish

Labour signs? Cervix was still closed during my last visit. However I am having Braxton Hicks contractions throughout the day and night. The odd one is sore, not painful but generally they are just really, really uncomfortable. I can't have Ian touch my stomach when I'm having one. 

Belly button in or out?  The very bottom of it is still in but the top is out. This week was the first time I saw it a bit through my top. Ian finds it so disgusting.

Wedding Rings on or off? On but I actually just took it off before I started writing this because of my hand swelling in the heat. I have also loosened my watch strap for comfort.

What I miss? The only thing I think I miss is the ease of doing things, such as putting on and taking of shoes, dressing, picking stuff up, reaching up high, getting things out of lower cupboards. Just little things like that. 

Where are my feet?
What I'm looking forward to? Well as you probably have guessed anyway as I am heading into week 39 of this pregnancy, baby is coming this week. We have our c-section booked in for sometime over the next 7 days and we cannot wait to meet our child. Excitement has really kicked in now. It has been beautiful watching Ian get so excited. Like me he was terrified the whole way along but now he cannot wait. He keeps talking to my belly and saying "Please just come out now". I keep imagining the moment they lift baby up to show us and when I do I start crying. I wonder what I will be like in the moment. Probably just in shock. From the time they start the surgery our new addition should be out within five minutes!!!! I am so excited to finally meet this little bundle, whom we waited to long for. 

Wish us luck!
So I'll update you when our family of two has become three! Eek!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and being on this journey with us.

With Love,

gem xx


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