Zoe - Month Seven

I'm not sure if Zoe has cut down on breastfeeding at all. There is a more apparent pattern of feeding occurring though. Up until recently she will feed whenever she wants but now I can see she eats at (roughly) set times. She still feeds about 7/8 times in a 24 hour period. If we are out and about she rarely looks for a feed, even if we have been on the go for 5/6 hours. However, if I sit down to eat while we are out, she will always look to eat too. I remember when she was a small baby having to stop to feed her several times on outings. Usually before we leave the house, at the station when we arrived in town, after visiting a few shops, when I was eating, in the station again before we left town and sometimes I had to stop under a tree (for shade in the Summer) or on a wall and top her up before we reached home. Even though it is only 10 min from the station or 30 min from town. Now I can happily do most of our outings without a feed. 

Once Zoe got over the terrible first couple of weeks feeding, she has been a remarkable feeder. She will latch on and just nurse away until she was full and asleep. I never struggled to get her to eat or worried that she wasn't getting enough. I know some people have very distractible babies but Zoe just loves her food too much. That said, she is getting a lot more distracted. If Ian walks into the room she will pull off and have a look and smile at him. If she is hungry she will always latch back on. If she is starving, she won't even break the latch to have a look. I know I am very lucky to have her the way she is. 

Zoe is really enjoying weaning too. Some days she has one meal and others she has two. Usually one is baby rice while the other is a purée or mixture of two/three vegetables. 

I tried her with this mesh feeder from Nuby and put some papaya in it. She enjoyed exploring the texture but I'm not so sure she liked the flavour too much. So far Zoe has eaten carrot, sweet potato, mango. papaya, courgette, parsnip, pears, prunes, potato, banana, broccoli, peas and avocado.

She is finding sitting in her high chair quite difficult still as her core isn't strong enough to sit unaided. We put her in it for 5 or so mins at a time but usually feed her in her swing. 

Also when we go out to restaurants, we now try out their high chairs and Zoe really enjoys her new views. Again she generally doesn't last too long but every time she tries, she gets a little bit stronger and I get to eat some dinner.


So after I got back from Ireland, Zoe went between sleeping in her crib and our bed. Even if she started the night in her crib and came into us during the night, I felt like we were getting somewhere. The nights Ian is off are complete disasters as she isn't so used to him being there and our little routine goes out the window. Dinner is cooked late, Zoe gets overtired and sleeping is difficult. On those nights she starts and ends the night in our bed. 

Generally over all she spends more time in our bed than her own. 

She did have her first night in her cot at the beginning of December. We brought it into our room and put it exactly where her crib was. She slept well in it as when she stretched out, her hands weren't touching the bars. She also took one day time nap in her cot. Well about 10 min but it's something at least. 

Zoe longer feeds to sleep. I just lie down beside her and she reaches out to touch my face or neck and almost instantly falls asleep. It is adorable and I feel so special. Finally I can get her to sleep in a different way. I love it. We play together in the bed too which is very sweet. It's hard to explain but it's like playing with a toddler or child. She grabs me and screeches in my face but in a really fun excited way. Usually we do this for a few minutes and then she suddenly gets tired, reaches out to touch me and falls asleep. 


On November 28th (aged 6 months and 5 days) Zoe sat up for the first time unaided. I'm not sure what constitutes sitting up for the first time. Does it mean when put sitting the baby stays that way or they can sit up themselves. Anyway currently Zoe is 9 months and still can't pull herself into a sitting position so I think me sitting her up and her staying constitutes being able to sit alone. 
Basically I just put her sitting up in her cot and she stayed there for a few minutes. Boy, do I get teary at all of these milestones?! Then again I shed tears every time she goes up a nappy size (speaking of, she went up to size 4 this month) or grows out of a vest/outfit. 

Little squidgy is still just that. She is an adoringly lazy baby and I revel in that. She plays happily on the floor and loves grabbing and chewing on her toys. 

Zoe is becoming a much more sociable baby. She rarely cries when people talk to her. She loves looking around when she is in my arms and we are out around Munich. There is a small touch of separation anxiety starting but it really isn't too bad. she looks to me for reassurance when somebody speaks to her.

What can I say about this? 

This little lady loves to look at the world upside down. She will put her head back and watch us like this for ages. 

Zoe is still high giving Ian and has even stared to include me in the game. She also kissed Ian for the first time. he was chuffed.

Zoe sits for longer in her swing while we eat and doesn't fuss. She interacts really well with us from this position. And babies when we talk to her during our meals. 

She is still more of a mummy's girl than daddy's at the moment. 

When we are in bed with her, she has to be touching me but also tries to touch both of us at once. We play a game when one of us is showering. The other parent brings Zoe in and says "Who is in the shower" and she pulls back and curtains and screeches. 

Zoe adores scooting on her back on the floor in her bedroom and this allows me to get little bits done while watching her. She is a pretty fast mover when she wants to be.

She learned to scratch her head. She sometimes pulls at her hair when she is nursing and falling asleep. I'm not sure if she hurts herself but it's looks a bit painful. 

In the mornings, I take her into the bathroom to change her. i put her on the washing machine, paste my toothbrush and I give her her toothbrush and we clean our teeth together.

When I change her nappy, I ask her to lift her bum up and she does. 

We bought a secondhand Jumperoo and she seems quite interested in it. We put a stack of books under her feet because she isn't able to reach the floor yet. 

Baths are still the same as last month. She doesn't love them but like them and she still just gently splashes. It's still the aftermath that I dread. She is getting worse I think. She is actually never clean because after getting dressed she is dripping with sweat again. It always ends with hysterics, a feed and a sleep. I've tried heating her towel, having her schnulli ready to give her (last resort), toys to play with, changing rooms, dressing really quickly, dressing really slowly and playing in between - basically nothing helps. She just cries. 

Zoe is really interested in objects - tubes of creams, her nappies, her hairbrush - everything. I tell you, taking her weekly photo has become more difficulty as she almost immediately grabs the blackboard with the week number on it. She spends ages exploring the object, which inevitably always ends up in her mouth. Zoe plays for a long time on her own. This habit I began when she was a tiny baby. The morning always starts (after we play in the bed for almost an hour as a family) with her lying on her playmat playing with her toys). This way I can get a few things done such as the washing, sterilising if I need to,  get her bath ready if I need to and generally just get things ready. I even get to eat some breakfast.

Zoe has started 'playing' games with us to make us laugh. She makes lots of funny faces and definitely knows she's doing it.

We bought a new pram this month too as my wrists were getting sore from turning it. We didn't have swivel wheels at the front of our old pram. We bought a Munich brand. It's good to buy local. We paid €440 for it from Babywalz. It's the Moon Nuova City and so far we really love it. The frame is lighter than our previous one. Seeing as I have to bring it down 6 steps, it makes my life easier. 

Buying it we knew we wouldn't get too long out of the pram part as Zoe is 6 months. But we also weren't sure how she would get on with the sitting up part seeing as her core isn't the strongest.

The night before we flew home for our three week Christmas holiday, we packed away the pram part. She still fit in it but I wasn't sure if she would over the next few weeks. It was so strange seeing her in the 'big' buggy. and yes of course, it was another thing I was upset about. 

Before Zoe was born, Ian and I celebrated 'Christmas Tree Day' every year. This usually involved making a fancy breakfast, buying our Christmas tree, baking and preparing nibbles and indulging on them while decorating our tree and listening to Christmas songs. The past two years we also kicked it off with a trip to the Munich Christmas markets. 

This year we got to celebrate it with Zoe. I bought her this little tartan dress just for the occasion. 

Ian and I shared our first Glühwein of the season. This was one element of Christmas I really missed last year when I was pregnant. 

Some new purchases to add to our Christmas collection - a family tree ornament and three children's books.

However, our decorating was put on hold to feed lady milk and let her nap. 

Zoe even got in on the action and bought her daddy a decoration. 

And we proceeded to dress her up for the Christmas card.

The day before we flew to Ireland (15th December) we started a new family tradition and went to our local Greek restaurant for dinner. 

Again, things were put on hold while Zoe ate and napped. It's funny I really don't mind ever doing this. I am so used to eating cold food now or getting fuller quicker than I used to. Babies are certainly good for the waistline. I am just grateful I can feed her and I don't end up with a crying baby in a packed restaurant. 

Ian took Zoe out on his own for the second time ever. Once, he brought her to Lidl with him (across the road from us). On this day he took her with him to the bakery. I had the house to myself for half an hour and guess what I did - rushed around doing as many things as possible. I seriously never thought I would turn into a hard-working, productive person but also motherhood has forced me to. Whenever I have a minute I'm doing something for Zoe or cleaning the apartment. There is always something to be done - washing, housework, filling up nappy box, sorting new and old baby clothes, sterilising, writing in her record books, organising photos, preparing her purees. The list seems endless. Although I will never trade the hours/days/weeks/months I have sat on the sofa nursing Zoe and holding her as she sleeps, I feel like I am always behind in everything to do with life. I seriously do not know how 'perfect' instagram mums do it. Some days I don't even get a chance to shower or eat dinner. It's hard to it mainly alone. 

So although 'me time' seems like a distant memory, Ian and I did get the opportunity this month for couple time. Our very kind friend, Cristina offered to babysit Zoe for a couple of hours while we went for a bite to eat in a restaurant close-by. I made sure Zoe was well fed and anyway we were only a ten minute walk away. 

We had a rule of no Zoe talk over the meal but we could speak about her a little on the way there. We had a delicious sushi lunch and chatted about things we hadn't talked about in ages. It was great catching up on Ian's life. I am well aware that I have neglected our relationship over the past 6 months. I don't want to lose what we had. Just sometimes it feels like I have nothing left to give. My brain doesn't work well anymore and I definitely don't retain the information he shares. It doesn't make sense that I feel like this as Zoe is a pretty easy baby and it's not like I'm juggling her with other children, a career, a perfect home and a vibrant social life. I don't feel like I'm drowning but I feel like my headspace is only 30% of what it used to be and I merely have no room. 

So back to our date. It all went really well. I felt rude having my phone on the table but Ian understood the reason for it. I didn't think about Zoe during lunch and it was so much fun just chatting together. As Ian went to pay, I started to wonder how Cristina and Zoe were getting on. As if she read my mind, Cristina sent me this photo of her with Zoe asleep in her arms. I could not believe it. She never sleeps in anyone else's arms anymore. This was brilliant news but with a pang of jealousy. Seeing as she was asleep, Ian and I took the long path home. She woke just as we came through the door and continued to sit happily on Cristina's lap as we chatted. When we said goodbye a few minutes later, Zoe roared as the front door closed behind her new best friend!! Thank you Zoe for the loyalty. Thank you Cristina for our first date as parents!!

The following day, with Zoe in her buggy we flew back to Ireland for our first Christmas as a family of three. 

We visited Zoe's grandparents quite a few times as her grandmother broke her upper arms and was laid up in pain, poor thing. Zoe had great fun socialising with them. 

We stayed in my mum's house where Zoe and I enjoyed the space to mess around on the floor doing some interesting yoga positions. 

As for me, physically my hair is starting to really grow back. this obviously is good news except for the fact I have to dye it more often as I have lots of fresh greys. I've noticed people really like to stare at them when they talk to me so it's best to cover them up. 

When I was pregnant, one thing I worried about was my weight post baby. I was so shocked when once she arrived, I really could not give a damn. My main concern was feeding her and looking after her. My body was the last thing on my mind. I ate crap because crap doesn't take long to prepare - open the bag of crisps, delve into the packet of biscuits, ask the sourly lady in the bakery for more doughnuts - easy! I guess through breastfeeding and not always getting to eat full meals or missing some dinners - I've ended up 10lbs lighter than before I got pregnant. Okay, so a lot of that is probably muscle because believe me I am so incredibly squishy in places I didn't think I would be. I have a very definite belly but that is to be expected. Although I am thinner, I am still a dress size bigger. My body is changed shape. My waist is thicker, my hips are wider and my bum is flatter and saggier. One day I might have time and/or interest to get back in shape. 

So I think that is it for Zoe's 7th month. 

Thanks for stopping by,

With Love,

gem xx

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